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Anthony Snape


Without passion and energy an artist is finished before they start. When you get to know Anthony Snape you feel such qualities propelling him forward. You can hear the self belief and determination in each song and in each performance. Check out below his bio along with his video of an Aussie now living in the US.

Anthony Snape is often likened to artists such as Jason Mraz, One Republic, Crowded House. His storytelling performance style reflects classic’s like, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, The Eagles. Snape’s raw acoustic performances, lush with uplifting emotional songs, are a platform for an unbelievable vocal that he effortlessly wields to the delight of audiences around the world.

Based in the US Anthony has been independently building his audience globally. Writing and releasing new music online and through live performance. Empowered by his fan base (Snapestars) and a lifelong desire to create, Anthony continually adds to his body of work, capturing the creative hearts and minds of all who experience it.

“This creative process is an emotional journey. At the start it was about perfection but I’ve learned the essence, the beauty, exists on the verge.” – Anthony Snape