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Bob Spring

It is not very often that we go out of the way to hound someone to get them up on our site. Bob Spring is an exception to the rule here.  You listen to his songs, you listen to his voice and you become acutely aware of a few facts. First is that he put the time into his craft and what you see and hear whether it be solo acoustic or with his band is the real deal. He has lived the life of a musician and a songwriter, he has developed his craft and perhaps most importantly, artistically he knows who he is and where he shines…aka his identity is not nebulous but specific.

We are going to post a couple of videos below because more Bob is a good thing and really to be introduced to the artist himself, you should here him both in a solo acoustic format as well as with his produced band that weave a lovely dark Americana junk blues.  To find out more about Bob, check his bio below. (Ken Kunin)

Singer-Songwriter Bob Spring is a thoroughbred musician. He started playing violin at the age of 6. When he discovered his voice – there was a problem in singing and playing violin. Additionally he discovered Elvis Presley. So the step shifting and becoming a guitar player was a small one. His first band at school in Zug was Insanity – playing their originals. At the young age of 16 he became the professional lead singer of Backwash, a Kick Ass Rock’n’Roll band that gained international recognition including a record deal with the Houston TX based label Perris Records. For 10 years they toured all over Europe and released an EP “Feel Rock” (2003) as well as a long player “Kick Ass!” (2006). In 2007 he started his solo-career and since then wrote the incredible amount of more than 600 songs – mostly produced and arranged in his home studio. “I am a painstaking songwriter, even though I often find it pretty hard to stay focused” he describes himself.

Bob released his first solo EP “West End EP” (2009) followed by the LP “Run From Death” in June 2013 – the start of dark country/junk blues developed by him. In May 2014 he released his second full length album named „Dust And Arrows“. No squiggles, no moaning, sober but still melodic. The album of former Krokus opening act sounds like summer, granted, a summer with some dark rain clouds in the sky.

Being Swiss-Italo-American, Bob defines his own style, sort of a mix-up of Alternative-Country, Americana and Singer-Songwriter kind of thing. A club tour in his country of origin brought Bob Spring to the homeland of his heart, the United States of America. Bob likes touring, especially touring the States, where in 2012 he played shows across the country including New York, Nashville and Los Angeles at well-known venues such as the Hotel Indigo (Nashville, TN) or the Whisky a go-go on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The USA Tour 2014 kicked off in October in New York going on through Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California.

He recorded a second album in 2014 with his band “THE CALLING SIRENS”; “Bob Spring & The Calling Sirens” was released in March 2015
„I always knew that it’s not going to be easy to become a professional musician, especially nowadays and being on tour for 2 months surely is a physical and a mental challenge. Still I think I get rewarded richly for all the hard work when I see so many people in so many different countries and cultures. I never would have met them without my music .”