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Josh Jacobz

Josh Jacobz was born in Somerset West, South Africa. He started singing as a boy, picked up a guitar at 10 and started writing songs at 14. Coming from an artistic background with both parents and many family members being involved in arts from the audio to the visual, he was exposed and fuelled by a vast line of artists. Jacobz has many influences including Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Nina Simone, Richie Havens, and Fleetwood Mac.

Josh views music as the ultimate art form as it is completely alive and forever breathing. No song will ever be sung the same and can always be done better. He personally feels that music should serve truth with humility. “We still cannot truly understand the workings of emotion, and with that is the reason I love music this much, its mystery.”

Josh studied sound engineering, music, and performing arts. He recently left South Africa and arrived in Australia. Listen to one moment of his songs and you will hear why he a unique and global talent.


Photo courtesy of The Open Sessions

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