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Port Royal

There is nothing like raw up and coming rock and roll. Port Royal breathes rock and roll. They make no excuses for who their influences and you know what… they shouldn’t have to. This is rock and roll. It’s what dreams are made of and what makes you shake your ass on a Saturday night. Have a look at their bio below and check out the video below.

Formed in mid-2015 out a shared love for classic rock and the disbanding of high school groups, Port Royal are aiming for the stars and packed stadium moshes the world over. After playing their first show at a friend’s 18th birthday party, the quartet took just eight months to record and release their debut EP ‘The Express’ in May 2016. Along with playing live music haunts all over Brisbane, Port Royal have supported rising Sydney rockers Castlecomer, played a Residency at Greaser bar, and won the 2016 Amped Up competition at The Triffid. Inspired by the golden era of rock ‘n roll, the inception of Port Royal was a reaction to the changing landscape of modern music. “The coming of the electronic and digital era brought with it a sense of emptiness between us guys and we desired for this to change. We want to bring a fresh face to the attitude, style, and charisma of classic rock ‘n roll”, say Port Royal. While Port Royal pay homage to their idols The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, their feel-good sound is equal parts rollicking and charmingly gritty.


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