Terms & Conditions

On Song International


Terms & Conditions

On Song Australia – Terms and Conditions for Artist application and appearance for the show called “On Song Australia which is produced by Rialbo ptd ltd.

By ticking the box below the singer songwriter further known in this document as “artist” agrees to the following.


  1. I realise and agree that:
    (a) the Producer’s decisions will be in the interests of the Program and will be final in all matters;
    (b) I will not transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture, or reproduction of the
    Program, including but not limited to photographs and other images; and
    (c) the Producer has no obligation to make or exploit the Program, or to use me in the Program, and I
    will not bring any claim against the Producer for loss of opportunity in relation to the Program
  2.  While the artists maintains copyright of the songs they present on On Song Australia, the producer may
    use, edit, modify, alter or exploit in any way the Recordings at the Producer’s discretion and may use
    images, sound and video as they see fit. Should the producer decide to sell content in the form of digital media such as a compilation on i-tunes or any other forms of digital media
    or actual CD’s, DVD’s or any other media in the future, the producer will split profits from music sales with the artist on a 50-50 split after the producers costs.

  3. The Producer is not liable for and I release the Producer in respect of any misadventure, accident, injury, loss, damage or other claim that may arise:
    (a) during the recording of the Program;
    (b) connected with my participation in the Program;
  4. The producer may use any images, audio and video content forwarded to On Song Australia for promotion of the show.